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  Chiropractors Reynoldsburg Chiropractor Reynoldsburg Reynoldsburg Chiropractors Reynoldsburg Chiropractor Chiropractor Reynoldsburg OH
Chiropractor Reynoldsburg Reynoldsburg Chiropractors Reynoldsburg Chiropractor Chiropractor Reynoldsburg OH Chiropractors Reynoldsburg

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Our Chiropractic center offers natural relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders, sports and auto accident injuries. We help newborns, infants, teenagers, adults and seniors. And health-conscious Reynoldsburg, OH families choose Riddel Chiropractic Center . Please explore our information rich website so you can fully understand what makes the experience and results of our chiropractic center superior and unique from any other chiropractic center. When you're ready, call our chiropractic center and find out for yourself why thousands of Reynoldsburg and Ohio residents and your neighbors already hav

Riddel Chiropractic Center welcomes many customers having variety of pains and issues such as car accident injuries, neck or back pain, headache, migraine, and many more. Patients come and receive comprehensive consultations from Dr. Riddel and start their treatments. Treatments will be chosen the best that would fit the real need of the patient to work effectively. It needs a complete personalize attention, and we dedicate our time and attention to each of our patients. We provide every individual patient a complete guidance how to heal themselves while they are at home or work and how to keep stresses away from their life and stay in peace, the appropriate diet and exercise that helps the healing processes.


Chiropractor Reynoldsburg

Our Corrective Chiropractic care is designed to help relieve the pain you are currently in, and prevent your condition from getting worse or returning. We specialize in care of all patients from infants to elders whether it is acute injuries or chronic pain management. 

  Chiropractor Reynoldsburg
        One of the primary techniques used by Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) is "spinal adjustment", also known as a "chiropractic adjustment".

        In fact, chiropractors are renowned as experts who specialize in performing spinal adjustments. The term "adjustment" refers to the physical adjustment of the spinal vertebrae.
  Chiropractor Reynoldsburg         If you are looking for an effective way to relax, re-align, and rejuvenate then you may want to consider massage.

         Massage can relax muscles, sooth your aches, and restore your body's balance. It rejuvenates and makes us better able to handle all the challenges that come with life.
Chiropractor Reynoldsburg OH
Chiropractors Reynoldsburg   

Who should see a chiropractor?

Many people will give different answers based on their personal successes and experiences they had with their chiropractor. For example, someone who suffered from migraines may recommend everyone who has migraines see a chiropractor. However, there is no one answer to the question, “who should see a chiropractor?” The reason being is that chiropractic is the largest and non-medical healing art in the world- it attracts every type of person, of all ages, health conditions, shapes and sizes.

Also it is not just pains and aches that chiropractic treats, they also are doctors of prevention, and doctors who help their patients with lifestyle optimization. For example, chiropractors can help a patient who has suffered from a car accident injury, or can even help a child with bed wetting problems. Chiropractic provide many successful experiences and is why more people are researching and deciding to use the chiropractic approach to help live the best life possible.

If you live in Reynoldsburg, Walnut creek, or Concord CA please contact us for a free consultation or use our special discount for new patients.


What does a chiropractor do?

Your chiropractor will evaluate your overall mental and physical wellbeing and dis ease. The primary work a chiropractor does is to recognize and fix spinal subluxations. A subluxation is a misalignment in your spine that causes agitation in the nervous system and disrupts the overall harmony of your body. The subluxations affect the health of your nerves, muscles, organs, ligaments, and disks; they also disrupt the flow of messages your brain sends to the rest of your body. If the chiropractor finds any subluxations in your spinal column the doctor is able to correct them using spinal alignment procedures. These procedures include manual force with hands, and other tools. Chiropractors never use surgery, or drugs to treat a subluxation. The great part about the chiropractic approach towards mental and physical well-being and treatment of dis ease is that it is an all-natural approach. More families today are deciding that the all-natural approach is the best option for their children and loved ones. Our chiropractic clinic is proud to serve thousands of patients in east bay, Reynoldsburg, Walnut Creek, or Concord CA.

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Here at Riddel Chiropractic Center, we offer variety of chiropractic services some of which are listed bellow,

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