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Chiropractors Reynoldsburg
Charles Wilhelm.

If your not using chiropractor you should. Improves physical as well as mental wellness

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg
Frank D.

Very knowledgeable and honest doctor and friendly staff. Happy so far with service.

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg
Jill Harrington

Great staff very warm and caring

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg
Burnett Sanders

I was experiencing lower back pain. This pain made it very difficult to walk. After my first massage and chiropractic adjustment, I was able to get back to work without pain and enjoy my job. I will continue to go to Riddel Chiropractic for my spinal care.

Reynoldsburg Chiropractor
Crystal Posey

Great chiropractor very compassionate and understanding about everyone’s health.

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Kimberly Love

I am a patient of Dr. Riddel. I can truly say he has been used by God to save my health and keep me working instead of going on disability. He is the first doctor I met that went through and studied years of medical history on me and in the last few months is the only one who found serious problems and has put me on supplements that has made me feel the best I've felt in years. I now take my grandson to see him for asthma problems.

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Beautiful Mine

Gr8t staff he goes above and beyond

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Anieca Parker LMT

I couldn't lift my legs to put my shoes on for work and after 1 treatment I feel amazing

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Marla F.

I attempted to donate plasma a couple of weeks ago, but one of my medications prevented me. I was told I needed a letter from my doctor stating I had been off that medicine for at least two days. I had an appointment with my neurologist and he determined another medication could be upped slightly to compensate for the one I needed to stop. After a couple of weeks of doing well on the adjusted medication, I went again to the plasma center a couple of days ago. Everything was fine and I was out in two hours. Everyone there was professional and took very good care of me. No problems. While it is nice to earn money for this, I am glad that I can help some people while donating plasma. I look forward to my next visits.

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Ayeesha Owens.

He is one of the best chiropractor I have ever went to. He's very concerned about each one of his patients and making sure that you are healthy on the inside as well as the outside. It's a family environment. Every time I go the staff is wonderful. I enjoy going I feel great when I leave which is an extra benefit. Some of my issues that I have been dealing with that I thought would never get better has improved tremendously. He is a fun doctor to be around. I wish you much success

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Beth Gosiewski.

I have received excellent care at Riddel Chiropractic. I have suffered for years with upper back pain and muscle spasms. My family doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. After seeing Dr. Riddel consistently for three months and getting on a vitamin regimen, I can honestly say that I am finally at a point where pain is not controlling my everyday life. I am so happy with the care that I have received and would highly recommend Riddel chiropractic to anyone looking to change their pain management.

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Andy Hartshorn.

Such a great experience here. Everyone in the office treats you like family and I always leave feeling like a new man.

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Greg Gibbert .

You'll feel like a new person after Dr John tends to all your aches and pains. Been receiving treatments on and off for over 25 years now!!

Chiropractors Reynoldsburg OH
Shawn Brick Chavis .

I love Dr Riddle Chiropractic they really got my back and shoulder together feeling good 👌🏿

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